Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I'm Back

Well, was I ever surprised a few days ago when I tried to log onto my blog and it was gone.  That's right ~ it was gone.  

I've had my same blog, "Capturing A Moment In Time" for 6 years and owned that name by virtue of paying Blogger for that domain (as a .com).  Well, when Google took over Blogger they apparently decided that they weren't going to be providing these services any longer.

I had two choices, #1 ~ go with a different domain server {which was a LOT more expensive and I probably couldn't have kept the same name} and #2 ~ just let my blog revert back to which is what I elected to do.  

Well, long story short, it didn't work.  Google just wiped my blog off the face of the earth ~ if you go to my old blog address now, it's this ugly kind of "pop up ad".  Yuck ~ I HATE pop up ads and now I am one.  LOL  

SO, if you're looking for "Capturing A Moment In Time" ~ you've come to the right place.  I decided to make a fresh start and call my blog {CREATE} which is what I started out with on Typepad in early 2006.  I don't remember exactly why I changed my blog name, but anyway, I'm back to {CREATE}.  Of course, that name wasn't available as a "blogger address" so you can find me at ~ I know that's a mouthfull, but my professional name is CherylNDesigns and my old/new blog is {CREATE} so just put it all together and add and you have it.  See, easy-peasy.  Haha

This is kind of a test post just to get me going so I'll end here and hit "publish" and be back in a day or so to catch up on some DT projects.

~ Cheryl ~